and&-sessie “Sports & Technology”

A session about innovation in sports during the and& festival & summit.

May 4th, 14h – 15h30, M-Museum Leuven

Sport and technology go hand in hand. Top sport sets high standards: 1 sec faster, 1 cm higher, … can mean the difference between profit and loss. In order to continuously improve performance, reduce injury risks and be internationally competitive, top athletes and their coaches need support from technology and science.

Prof. dr. Andrew Jones is going to show you glimpses of his work and his contribution to the Breaking 2 project, which looks into the conditions that are needed to run a marathon in less than 2 hours.

A cooperation between Comate, a Leuven product design company, and Bakala Academy, a world-class academy for research, innovation and training in sport, resulted in the isokinetic test bike, a unique device which helps cyclists to perform strength measurements on their own bikes. Prof. dr. Peter Hespel and Sander Van den dries tell you more about this collaboration. With a demo!

A critical note to finish: “Tech for sports: is it a real need or nice to have?” Kristof De Mey has an extensive expertise in business development in the field of sport & innovation. He is the perfect person to evaluate recent evolutions.

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